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  • Cabela's Vacuum Sealer Replacement Bags (6 X 10)
    16.99 USD

    When youre freezing a lot of meat or fish, you dont want to run out of freezer bags. These heavy-duty bags eliminate freezer burn, are reusable, dishwasher-safe and make food identification easy. Per 100. Available: 6 x 10 (pint) 8 x 12 (quart) ...
  • Cabela's Preservac Basic Vacuum Sealer
    99.99 USD

    Built for quick and convenient sealing, Cabelas Preservac Basic Vacuum Sealer boasts a single-piston pump that removes 9-liters of air per minute, creates 24 of vacuum pressure, and its 2mm seal wire delivers a tight, breakproof seal. With this quick-sealing system, you ...
  • Cabela's Preservac Premium Vacuum Sealer
    189.99 USD

    Cabelas Preservac Premium Vacuum Sealer is designed with 110-volt AC and 12-volt DC capabilities that works quickly for fast results at home or in the field. Water-resistant control panel and built-in bag-roll storage with bag cutter make this sealer ideal ...
  • FoodSaver Gamesaver Titanium 15 Dual-Pump Vacuum Sealer
    449.99 USD

    With sturdy, stainless steel construction, built-in handles and high-performance dual pumps, the FoodSaver Gamesaver is a durable vacuum sealer. Designed for heavy-duty, repetitive use, it has two seal settings (single and double) , an extra-large seal strip that seals 8, 11 and ...
  • Cabela's 12 Vacuum Sealer Maintenance Kit
    19.99 USD

    Maintain the efficiency of your Cabelas 12 Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer by replacing the oval seals and Teflon tape as needed. Includes: Two oval vacuum chamber seals, one foam lid strip and one strip of Teflon tape for the seal-bar heating element. Type: Maintenance ...
  • Cabela's Pro-Elite Vacuum Sealer Maintenance Kit
    19.99 USD

    Keep your Cabelas Pro-Elite Vacuum Sealer in good working order with this Maintenance Kit. Comes with two bottom oval foam gaskets, one nonstick sealing-tape strip and one rubber sealing strip. Type: Maintenance Kits....
  • Cabela's 12 Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    329.99 USD

    The little brother to Cabelas 15 Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer, the 12 model handles any job you can throw its way. Two sealing bars ensure a completely airtight seal, perfect for freezing game meat. Vacuum sealing food keeps it fresh five times longer than traditional ...
  • Cabela's 15 Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    449.99 USD

    Our versatile 15 Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer not only offers ample sealing length, but a bag-gripping cocking lid, double-seal capacity and an amped-up dual-piston DC vacuum pump. Take it with you to the campsite or on your next hunt to package ...
  • Cabela's Pro-Elite Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    249.99 USD

    Enjoy professional-grade power and functionality with a size thats perfect for the kitchen counter. Our Pro-Elite Vacuum Sealer uses a heavy-duty double-piston pump and deep vacuum chamber, ensuring airtight seals that keep food fresh up to five times longer than traditional ...
  • ARY VacMaster VP320C Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    1769.99 USD

    Built to reliably deliver professional-grade output and quality, this tabletop unit will meet the demands of medium- to high-volume commercial operations. Its huge 18 L x 16-3/4 W x 7 H hygienic stainless steel chamber and 16 stainless steel seal bar ...