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  • Microwave Ring Dish Holder
    19.99 USD

    Dont risk a burn or spill. Safely remove hot bowls and plates from the microwave with this handy lifter. Easy to use:- Place your bowl, dish or frozen meal on this firm ring and put in the microwave- Lift dishes out without bulky mitts or ...
  • Dream Machine White Noise Maker
    24.99 USD

    Perfect for anyone with tinnitus or those who wish to gently drown out other noises in the house while you sleep. Listen to the calming sounds of waves crashing, distant thunder, rainforest sounds and more. The simple controls of the Dream Machine White Noise Maker ...
  • Nutritious Slow-Press Juicer
    359.00 USD

    Rather than pulverize produce, the screw-like auger on this easy-to-use juicer slowly presses, extracting 6 times more juice than standard methods (even hand squeezed) . It also helps retain up to 60% more vitamins from fruits and vegetables, so you get more nutrition ...
  • Mini Slow Cooker
    39.99 USD

    Convenient countertop cooking at its easiest. Simple settings let you make soups, entres and more. Dishwasher safe lid and ceramic insert. Holds 2 quarts; 10"Wx6"H...
  • 4-Piece Toaster Oven Bakeware
    29.99 USD

    The 4-Piece Toaster Oven Bakeware set is the perfect kitchen accomplice for upgrading a kitchenette setting into a baker's haven. Now you can make cookies, cupcakes, and all your favorite baked goods right in your toaster oven. Comes with muffin pan, cake pan, ...
  • Toaster Bags
    7.99 USD

    Handy nonstick bags let you make crispy toasted cheese sandwiches right in your toaster-quickly, and with no mess (no butter required) ! Use to reheat pizza and leftovers, too. Suitable for any toaster; can be cut to size. Heat resistant to 500....
  • Microwave Stay-Cool Bowl
    12.99 USD

    The double-walled design of the Microwave Stay-Cool Bowl lets you handle heated food right from the microwave without searing your fingers on the outside of the bowl. Includes a splash-proof lid, which lets steam vent while eliminating messy splatters on the inside ...
  • Microwave Omelette Bowl
    12.99 USD

    All-in-one prep and cook. The Microwave Omelette Bowl lets you whisk up to 4 eggs at once. Add all your ingredients, and then put the whole thing in the microwave to cook. Eggs stay fluffy and easily slide out every time. - Dishwasher safe - ...
  • Microwave Divide 'N Store Plate
    7.99 USD

    Keep leftovers separated and ready to reheat. Microwavable plate has three convenient sections and a snap-on vented lid. Dishwasher safe....
  • Universal Standing Handle
    14.99 USD

    This simple handle gives extra leverage to prevent back strain when assisting loved ones up from a sitting position. Its small and portable design makes it easy to take with you. Ergonomic nonslip grip, Requires less energy to stand than hands alone....