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  • ARY VacMaster VP320C Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    1769.99 USD

    Built to reliably deliver professional-grade output and quality, this tabletop unit will meet the demands of medium- to high-volume commercial operations. Its huge 18 L x 16-3/4 W x 7 H hygienic stainless steel chamber and 16 stainless steel seal bar ...
  • VacMaster VP215-C Chamber Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    799.99 USD

    Its chamber-vacuuming system allows liquids to be sealed cleanly inside the bag, virtually eliminating partial and failed seams. This machine also reaches a whopping 29.7Hg level of vacuum, while most other suction-system machines deliver only 24 to 26Hg vacuum. This fully automatic ...
  • VacMaster VP210 Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    759.99 USD

    Designed as a commercial-grade vacuum packaging system, but usable for a wide variety of applications. The true chamber vacuum system has many advantages over nonchamber sealers. Its higher level of vacuuming extends the shelf life of food even more than nonchamber sealers. It also ...
  • VacMaster VP112A Vacuum Sealer - Stainless Steel
    699.99 USD

    The VP112A has many of the features as commercial-grade units, yet it costs hundreds less. Its compact size and low-profile tabletop footprint make it a smart choice for home or business operations that require an efficient and reliable sealer, but cant justify the ...
  • ARY VacMaster Bone Guard - Clear
    12.99 USD

    Its frustrating when youre vacuum packaging meat or fish for storage, only to have a piece of bone puncture the bag, forcing you to start over. Solution: Just place a sheet of Bone Guard over the bone or any sharp edge to prevent punctures and ...